Tekno Alfa company and its business partners are perfectly aware of the challenges and opportunities offered by the current market, they know that quick and winning decisions are needed to face these challenges together with a great dose of flexibility.

Decision making process is based on gathering information, analyzing them and assessing new evolutionary scenarios, in order to better plan the company strategy. For this reason, Tekno Alfa company gives much importance to a management system that could keep all the processes and information gathered under control.
Win the challenges and identify opportunities is the key to obtain company efficacy and effectiveness. That’s why Tekno Alfa has decided to implement and then keep and update through the years  a Quality Management System in compliance with ISO 9001:2008 international standards, designed to grant a better internal efficiency and to be prepared to meet customers’ requirements and expectations.
Constant improvement and customer satisfaction are the main goals to achieve for Tekno Alfa company. Our suppliers’ quality has also great importance for us, that’s why we cooperate with them in order to keep our Quality standards high in this area, too.

We are glad to inform you that TEKNO ALFA S.r.l., already certified as UNI EN ISO 9001 company since 2004, has now been working to obtain the environmental certification UNI EN ISO 14001 for the following scope: Design and manufacture of feeding, assembly, part manipulation and interconnection machines, through mechanical processes and mechanical, electrical and pneumatic assembly.




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GOST-R ISO 9001.2015