Tekno Alfa s.r.l. was created in the 80s in the province of Turin with the head office in Beinasco. Premises consist of 1 industrial building equipped with overhead travelling crane, machining centres and traditional machining tools; the total surface is of 5000 sqm used for workshop services and 750 sqm used as offices plus a large outdoor area, partly covered for logistics and goods loading and unloading.

In 2006 Borsa Engineering Technology pvt ltd (head office in Pune) was formed in India within the FIAL plant of Ranjangaon, on final customer’s request to provide constant technical support and maintenance services to the facilities installed by Tekno Alfa.

Tekno Alfa and partner to make use of qualified  technical staff of 60 employees



The head offices in Turin highly specialized technical (mechanical, electrical and fluidics) staff that, working in close contact with the shop floor and the end customer, internally develop each project following it directly in its entirety, from the order intake up to equipment final acceptance at the plant of destination.

Turin’s offices have also specialized technicians who deal with the installation, testing, technical assistance and maintenance of the equipment at our customers premises.

Tekno Alfa equipments as  they conform to the highest international quality standard and meet the strictest safety regulations in force in the various countries where they are installed, are customized according to single markets specific requests, therefore, perfectly integrate to the different production needs of single plants.