Tekno Alfa has a specific department exclusively dedicated to the handling, transfer & overhaul of existent plants and/or machines of customer’s property.

The staff, highly skilled in mechanical, electrical and fluidic fields, is able to meet customer different needs taking care of the complete transfer of the plant from a factory to another one, with turnkey formula. Our technicians, equipped with highly professional tools, take care of the entire process of transfer and can guarantee the final customer the re-starting of the machine in the destination factory within the agreed time.

If the maintenance, overhaul and/or retrofitting of part of the plant should be necessary, Tekno Alfa, making use of its experience into Automation and Machine Assembly sectors gained over years, is able to  carry out the aforesaid operations independently, providing therefore the machine in the new agreed configuration.

  • Machine disassembly100-0004_IMG_5
  • Washing
  • Overhaul & Retrofitting
  • Handling
  • Positioning
  • Leveling
  • Mechanic , electric, fluidic reassembly
  • Functional tests & Acceptance Test