Pallet Conveyors line

Following the experiences gained over years with handling systems, Tekno Alfa developed a wide range of transfer pallet systems of various types: Fly-roller with chain ½” & 1”, pallet recirculation system with hanging pallets, ring shaped pallets transfer with steel multilink chain.
The range of pallet conveyors is completed by the  friction roller models carrying raw and/or worked parts: friction feeding on hardened steel rollers spring preloaded according to the weight of the part to be handled.
For all types of conveyors has been developed a wide range of accessories such as: stops, measuring devices, index, sensor supports, drippers, that allow  to set up conveyors  for different applications.


  • Fly-Roller with 1/2” & 1” chain
  • Pallet recirculation with 3/4” chain
  • Friction roller
  • Steel multilink chain
  • Conveyor speed: 0,5 m/min – 30 m/min
  • Tag system for traceability
  • FIFO virtual memory for traceability